Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides is trademarked and
Copyright 1981 / 1994 to Turtel Onli.
It is illegal to to copy, publish, or bootleg NOG for commercial usage without an agreement with Turtel Onli or ONLI STUDIOS.

Creative respect is the highest form of appreciation. Thank you.
ONLI STUDIOS published this book to give birth to the most independent movement in the comic book, graphic novels industry. It is a very collectible product.

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NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides....in all his glory. It is a tale of devotion, duty, love, and war. It is NOG!!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


"NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides" was created and introduced as a comic strip in the Chicago Defender Newspaper of Chicago in 1979. 2009 will be the 30th anniversary of this landmark event. NOG went on to open the door to the Black Age of Comics movement. The rest is a future-history. The spelling of "pyramids" was challenged to the French spelling, "pyramides", because I had just returned to the USA after living and working in Paris. This was at the peak of the French Bande Dessinee boom that gave us incredible production values and the likes of Heavy Metal, Les Humanoids Associes, and Metal Hurlant.

Onli Studios went on the publish "NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides" during the great Black and White comic book indie production boom that gave us titles like TMNT. "NOG IS BACK!!! was published in 1994 and reprised recently in "Team BLANGA" at http://www.comixpress.com/. It even comes with a smokin' original sound track from Hardy Headz. ZOOOOOOM! Now production is under way to publish the wrap up graphic novel called , "NOG: The War For Planet NUBA!!!"