Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ONLI STUDIOS published this book to give birth to the most independent movement in the comic book, graphic novels industry. It is a very collectible product.

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NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides....in all his glory. It is a tale of devotion, duty, love, and war. It is NOG!!!!!

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Rebekah said...

Wow, it's hard to believe it has been nearly 30 years since NOG was first published. I remember Turtel sharing his excitement for the art of comics. He had just returned from Paris, France where the Bande Dessinee movement was going strong. He had published images in the French press, Paris Metro and was hot to bring that energy back to the U.S. NOG was a self-published book of far reaching impact at a time when self-publishing was almost non-existent in the industry. The message was strong then and still is potent today.
He went on to publish independent rags like Future Funk in the 80's, which featured his own and work of other independent artists like Yaounde Olu in a newspaper format. It was all about linking the arts, music and urban scene with the illustrator's touch of funk. I fully supported this venue with ads for my gallery, Younger Gallery and announced our show openings through it too.
Funny Papers, a small comics shop, located behind my gallery in Hyde Park, Chicago, was where Mr. Onli first showed the original artwork for NOG. Nancy Turpin, the owner, shared Turtel's passion for the Bande Dessinee scene, as she too had recently returned to the states from France. In those days it was all about the fine art of the book and things were really hopping. Turtel was at the cutting edge with a message that withstands the test of time 30 years later. I am proud to have been there at the beginning and treasure my copy from the original printing of NOG.