Sunday, June 22, 2014

NOG vs Mag-Non, The T-Monster in Da Jects:

A shocked observer notes:

"Suddenly, some blue-black brotha with dreads steps out of thin air. He pushes past me and makes a B-line for a green creep with a duffel bag that’s standin’ on the corner. They growl and scrape throwing punches and insults. Energy gushes from their eyes, hands and feet as they unleash carnage like I ain’t ever seen. Cars explode and buildings crumble. I don’t kno what’s goin’ down but the people in path of this mondo fight are payin’ a heavy price for it!

A burst of hits from the blue-black brotha takes the green creep down for the count. “I wanna run away but its like watchin’ a car wreck — you just can’t stop lookin’.” The green guy curses us and starts to glow and we can feel him getting hot. Real hot! We start runnin’ but there ain’t nowhere to run.

The blue-black guy looks at us. Looks at me!?! My eyes lock on his and its like I hear him talkin’ directly into my brain, sayin’ “Stay calm.” Then I notice we all calm — we are all calm. The blue-black brother looks down at the ground and dances chanting some lost African dialect. I guess it’s lost. I’ve heard a lot of African speak but not this one. He rolls and tumbles, jumps and sways to a rhythm from somewhere deep within his heart. Everything starts to bend, or warp around him. The city curves to his inner rhythm and out from his body comes a blue ball of energy that grows and grows until the green monster dude is covered.

And then he explodes."

NOG is manifesting the Power NUBIC to meet
 the challenge of being trapped in Da Jects.  
He is about to intervene a root top battle.

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