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Friday, December 9, 2022

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Not many superheroes or fantasy characters are honored by being placed mural sized on the outer walls of any world class museum.  This is exactly what happened in 2021 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. "NOG: The Nubian of Greatness" was the public face of the incredible blockbuster group exhibition called, "CHICAGO COMICS: 1960 Until Now!" Curated by Dan Nadel. 
Prof. Turtel Onli chillin' out during a hectic day at the exhibition. 

Museum goers checking out the" Nubian of Greatness" in the real and the raw!

"NOG: The Nubian of Greatness" was even featured on hot selling merchandise in the Museum Store of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Sorry but the Tote Bags and NOG Sketchbooks sold out during the run of the exhibition.  Lucky y'all!!! You can still buy the NOG Books directly from ONLI STUDIOS!

For the books below: 
Free shipping in the USA when purchased online from 
Per the ONLI STUDIOS' Graphic Novels Tab.

These four Rhythmistic Future-Primitif Graphic Novels are a must have series for all serious collectors and fans of fantastic indie Graphic Novels & creative Comic Books that boldly go beyond the limits of the mainstream!  

They had to create digital media platforms and AI rip-off applications to catch up to what narrative/visual artists like Prof. Onli have been doing using hand driven techniques and intelligent imagination for decades. They are original. They are unique! They are independent! We are ONLI STUDIOS!

 "What$ in yo' collection?"


Thursday, November 10, 2022

 Why is the original art from Graphic Novels or Comic Books so highly valued and sought after by scholars, fans, collectors, and museums?

Cover drawing by Christian St. Pierre for the best-selling reboot of NOG. "NOG NU"

It's a question often asked by the outside observer, perplexed by the ever-increasing interest in and value of original pages of comic-book art: Why? Yet the answer remains straight forward; the explanation is perhaps even obvious. 

NOG's creator & publisher Prof. Onli painting NOG live in a dynamic demo 
in 2021 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Because these drawings are the raw, handmade images that sparked the imagination of countless people inspired by superheroes and their archnemeses. That provided the visual narration to stories and fables. They are the original singular moments before these graphite drawn images are later turned into inked renderings, or fully painted illustrations were replicated for the printing process then placed on spinner racks and comic-shop shelves and other stores.

Prof. Onli will one of the remaining two highly valued original inked on vellum pages of "NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides". Circa 1980. On exhibition in 2021 at the Musuem of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

"Melon Throw". By Turtel Onli. Circa 2016. Drawn during an over-night promotion at the Graham Cracker's Mega- Comic Book Store in Chicago. During which Illustrators and Artists were invited to set up in the store to draw non-stop for 24 hours.

 In a world where everything can be digitally mass-produced, copied, or techno-screen-read at any time, these are this dynamic industry's true human-made, non-forgery, not A.I. programed amazing one-of-ones. Precious one-of-a-kind truths. Born of the pencil, fueled by unique imaginations, from the living hands of a creative skilled artist!

This is the under drawing for the 2021 24"H X 36"W 
Below is the final Rhythmistic oil painting on wood panel called "NOG EMERGES".
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Monday, October 31, 2022

 Nubic Roll Call: 

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 Nikki-Nik, The Root Lady, Malcom-10, Sustah-Girl, Imhotep, The Mighty-Mighties!,

 Perfecto, Sankofa, Mag-Non The T-Monster, and Sasa.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday, July 1, 2022

 "NOG, The Protector of the Pyramides" was designed and created to be more powerful than any Black character ever. NOG protects his home world of Planet NUBA. 

Awesome is spelled N...O...G...! 

"NOG" is the character and book that opened the door to the growing open indie powerful and bold Black Age of Comics.  The Black Age has motivated the mainstream to promote its characters and creators of color. 

 Pnof. Onli often asked the question: "How Black was the comic book, Graphic Novels or animation industries before "NOG" was published and circulates in 1981?"

Thanks to great underground fan support over the decades ONLI STUDIOS LLC is expanding NOG with major contributions from two dynamic illustrators, Christian St. Pierre and Johnathan Ford.  These two unique talents have added more of the brilliant dimensions and excitement to the expanding galaxy of NOG that fans crave!

Since the mainstream uses its powerful resources to block or ban NOG and so many other great indie products from shelf space in your favorite Comic Book Stores or Afrocentered Bookstores we suggest you purchase it via our cool web site.  We offer free shipping in the USA. 

Plus, it is packed in archival plastic that includes rare over-sized highly valued trading cards.  All for the cover price. Visit the Graphic Novels' tab per ONLI STUDIOS website.

We show the luv for your valuable time and supportive purchases!!
Illustrated by Johnathan Ford.

He is the most Gifted of all that is the NUBA.  

Buy, collect and share the various NOG products!

NOG is the first Rhythmistic Future-Primitif character!

NOG has long put fear in the heart and soul of the mainstream! 

He has unlimited powers that operate at the speeds of thought and precognition.  He is the character that truly opened up the entire Comix and Graphic novels industries to celebrate and promote its indie or Black characters.

NOG is not lamely hiding a small country from the rest of the world. 
He is courageously defending his entire home world in an epic intergalactic conflict.

"How independent was this industry before NOG was published by ONLI STUDIOS?"

Illustrated by Christian St. Pierre

Created, written & illustrated by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T.

The repressive orthodox mainstream does not want you to get your NOG on.  

What say you?

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago celebrated all things NOG in its 2021 blockbuster exhibition, "Chicago Comics 1960 Until Now!", curated by Dan Nadel.

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Sunday, May 8, 2022


                                     Illustrated & designed by Johnathan Ford for ONLI STUDIOS,

ONLI STUDIOS LLC has re-organized in launching its "Nu-Look Line"
 designed by Jonathan Ford.  
Ford will produce the "Nu-Look Line" 
while founder, Prof. Onli will continue the "Classic Line" 
for the expansion of ONLI STUIODS Rhythmistic Universe.
Illustrated & designed by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T.